River City Payroll

River City Payroll Solutions, LLC is a cost effective, full service payroll provider servicing small businesses in Virginia, DC and Maryland, with an interest and emphasis on the “Going Green” movement. Included in our standard package, River City offers businesses the tools required to eliminate the cost, use and waste of paper. Report payroll via www.managepayroll.com or your iPhone or Android app. Let us direct deposit your employees’ paycheck and then email the stub directly to them!

Need a live check? That’s fine too. We will laser your signature (if desired) and email you the file to print it in house on your own check stock. We will also email an electronic check stub directly to your employees while taking care of the tax liability. Access your payroll reports 24/7 from your online account and grant your CPA administrative access for a faster turnaround time at year end.

In addition to the standard payroll services, we also offer a suite of various HR and Employee Benefits services to help streamline your payroll processes. Please see our complete list of standard and optional SERVICES.

River City will keep you in compliance for federal and state regulation. Our team keeps abreast on all legislation regarding your payroll and implements required changes automatically. Let us do the monitoring, you just focus on growing your business!